Friday, April 4, 2014

2nd Annual Tahoe Rim Trail Challenge: Daggett Summit!

For Fjeldheim guests who would like to make their Tahoe Rim Trail hike a special occasion, we have a fun opportunity to do so this summer!

Every summer the TRTA selects six short segments of the Tahoe Rim Trail, each between 2 and 12 miles long, to be Tahoe Rim Trail Challenge Hikes. Each segment is selected for its beauty and accessibility, and the segments will differ every year. With more than 175 miles of trail to choose from, including various spurs and local loops, there won't be much repetition.

Information about these Challenge Hikes will not be made public. It is limited to those who sign up for the Tahoe Rim Trail Challenge 2014: the $55 individual fee includes custom maps and detailed trail information about all six premier hikes, a TrT Challenge Hike T-shirt, a one-year membership in the TRTA, and access to a special web page from which you can track and log your hike data.

But Fjeldheim groups are pretty big, and $55 per person adds up quickly. So the TRTA is offering a family rate of just $85 which provides two T-shirts and two log-in codes; additional T-shirts cost just $20 each. We have found that families tend to want to do the hike together and only need one code to log the data for the main group... the second code is for that handful of family members (you know who they are) who will stick together and zoom on ahead of everyone.

The best part, for Fjeldheim guests this summer and fall: one of those premier hikes will be near Daggett Summit, just up the Forest Service road from Fjeldheim's doorstep!

If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, sign up online or call Shannon Skarrit at 775-298-4485. Or stop by the Tahoe Rim Trail Association offices just down the hill in Kingsbury: 128 Market Street, Suite 3E, in Stateline NV! Shannon can sign you up and outfit your entire group right on the spot. Be sure to tell her you are guests of Fjeldheim, and that Nic and Josh say hi.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Delightful Tahoe Wedding

Congratulations, Todd and Ines!  Your wedding was amazing.  A lovely combination of elegance and earth-friendliness.  Singing your love story to your guests as a duet to the tune of "American Pie" was brilliant, as much as the giant Jenga and other games were fun.  I must admit I am curious about the plain wooden box that you appeared to be nailing shut during your wedding ceremony; the photographer did not explain it, though he was careful to document it beautifully.  Another example of your ingenuity and depth, qualities that will serve you well in marriage.

We hope to see you here again for an anniversary celebration someday!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Snowman Contest 2013

Those of you fortunate enough to visit Fjeldheim this winter will have plenty of snow, and with snow comes children—add snow and children together, and you get snowmen!  Shoot photos of the happy process, and of the finished products, and aim your camera in such a way that folks can tell you made those snowmen somewhere at Fjeldheim.  Submit your photos to our Flickr photostream, “Tahoe Fjeldheim”. And ask Josh to come over and take a look too, he loves snowmen.

Our panel of judges (in this case, it's just Josh and me) will announce the winning snowmen on or before June 1st.  Snow could fall in any month of the year at Fjeldheim, though, so late entrants are welcome and can also win prizes!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Photo Contest: “Best Winter Photo"

This is shaping up to be an amazing winter in Tahoe, and we want to showcase your best photos of it on our website! We have recruited six professional photographers to serve as judges, so send us your best work, in any or all of these categories: 

Landscape          Macro          Artsy

Please note that “Wildlife” is not a category. We do not want you to disturb wildlife that’s trying to make it through the winter—allow them to do so without your help or harm.

Brief guidelines: Except for the Artsy category, no obvious digital alteration of photos is permitted. Submit your photos to our Flickr photostream, “Tahoe Fjeldheim”. A First Place, Second Place, and Runner-Up will be awarded in each category, and a single Grand Prize photo will be chosen as well. 

All entrants will receive a 20% discount on any purchase of Fjeldheim mugs, ski hats, or other Fjeldheim merchandise. In addition, all winning entrants receive: 
  • Glory! Your winning photo will be featured on our website Media page, with your name and a link to your website. We will gush about how much we love your photo, and add comments from the judges about what set your work apart from the crowd.
  • Schwag! We’ll send you a Fjeldheim mug, and a certificate suitable for framing, or for posting on your Facebook page. (You’ll print the certificate yourself)
Second-Place winners also receive a $20 coupon towards your next Fjeldheim stay.

First-Place winners receive all that and a top-quality Fjeldheim polo shirt.

The Grand Prize winner receives all that, plus an opportunity to have lunch with one of our judges the next time you are in Tahoe!*

If you need to read the fine print before you're ready to participate, email me at or leave a comment. Otherwise, enjoy your winter visit at Fjeldheim and upload your photos here!

(*or an additional $100 coupon towards your next Fjeldheim stay) 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Celebrating 2013 all year long!


South Lake Tahoe's celebrations for the New Year are legendary, and the legends are (mostly) good ones.  The parties have wound down and cleaned up, though, and the focus shifts to how much energy folks are willing to invest in carrying out their New Year's resolutions. Some of those "resolutions" haven't endured past the party clean-up process, but a lot of folks are enthusiastically plugging away at those positive things they have resolved to do-- and more power to you!

As for Fjeldheim, we have a particularly happy resolution, one we can't keep quietly to ourselves. Although this is the 35th year of Fjeldheim's existence, it is only our tenth year of running it as a business, and we hope to make it our best year yet.  We will, in our modest way, celebrate our "Tenth Anniversary" this entire year, and we welcome you to join us!

Every month here on our blog we will announce some sort of contest or competition, or share an inside story with you about Fjeldheim, or introduce to you one of our remarkable local friends.  There will be opportunities to win some new Fjeldheim stuff, to show off your own creativity, and perhaps learn more about our cozy mountain home and the unique Sierra setting it enjoys.

Subscribe to the blog, Friend us on Facebook, love us on Yelp if you've been here yourself, and have a fantastic 2013!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Winter has arrived-- make sure you do, too

Many of Fjeldheim's fans believe it is at its most beautiful when blanketed with fresh snow and festooned with icicles.  If you haven't stayed with us during the ski season yet, this looks like the year to do so (and if the perfect dates for your family are taken, book them for 2014 now)!  But getting up to the house in normal midwinter conditions can be challenging, when local roads and our steep driveway are covered with snow or slush, or enameled with ice.

Fortunately, Josh Lufkin has lived all his life in the Northeast and in the Tahoe Basin, and can coach you through the toughest winter driving conditions. Here are his top four tips for winter driving:

1. Know the weather forecast and road conditions before you begin your trip. is good; "Weather Underground" ( is even better, but more technical.  Use our ZIP code, 89449, to find out the current weather conditions and the ten-day forecast. 
     To find out road conditions, plan your route, then check the state Departments of Transportation websites: they will usually have up-to-date information on road conditions and storm closures (if any).
     Best of all, just call Josh and ask him. He always knows local road and highway conditions and will give you the best information and advice about the Tahoe/Reno/Minden/Meyers area.

2. Know your vehicle, and prepare it as best you can.
     If you are driving your own vehicle, carry snow chains that fit your vehicle's tires well. Practice putting them on at home when the pavement is dry. 
     Before you leave for Fjeldheim, have a mechanic check your suspension, steering, brakes, and tires. If anything else might be an issue, get that checked too.  You don't want your transmission failing on a steep mountain grade, or a tire that's wrapped in snow chains going flat on you.  Mountain driving involves more mechanical stresses than normal driving. Make sure your car is up to it.
     If you are renting a vehicle, we strongly recommend choosing four-wheel drive. The extra expense is well worth the infinitely better traction, not to mention saving you time, hassle, and inconvenience--  you'll never have to put on chains!

3. Adapt your driving habits to road conditions.  
     If the road is wet, snowy, or icy, SLOW DOWN. Change speed gradually: brake early when you must slow or stop; downshift to maintain a lower downhill speed, rather than riding your brakes; accelerate gradually; take turns at a speed that won't make your rearview mirror's fuzzy dice swing at all.  Imagine you have a glass of milk perched on your dashboard, full to the brim: now drive in a way that the milk won't ever spill.  Do this and you may never notice how little traction you have, in ice and snow, because you'll avoid generating the lateral forces that overcome that traction and make you skid and slide.
     Josh emphasizes, "If you do begin to slide, take your foot off the brake (or accelerator) for a moment. Chances are, that's what began your slide in the first place."

4. If your vehicle begins to slide sideways in a forward skid, turn your front wheels in the direction the car is moving, not the direction it's pointed, or the direction you want it to go. 
     This will help your front wheels, at least, regain traction with the road-- which they will do when they are turning at the same speed, and in the same direction, that the road surface is moving past you.
     The same principle is true for braking and accelerating: if your tires lock up when braking, or spin out when accelerating, allow them to match the speed of the road beneath you to regain their grip, so that you can use whatever grip you can maintain to help you slow down (or accelerate).

     Nothing creates and maintains that grip like new mud-and-snow-rated radial tires. Or a great set of snow chains that fit your tire well.  Choosing the best chains for your vehicle is a whole 'nother topic though...

Please, drive safely, arrive safely!  We hope to see you here soon, while the snow is fresh and deep.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Winter didn't come through this time; Summer always does

In retrospect (and it's already in the rearview mirror), winter 2012 did not follow through on its promise of abundant snow.  Those who visited us can tell stories of golfing at Edgewood in February, as well as great groomer-run skiing at Heavenly, which clearly established itself this year as the dominant snowmaking force in the Tahoe Basin. While other resorts never really opened at all, or struggled to keep snow conditions skiable, Heavenly's "overinvestment" in snowmaking equipment paid off this year. Heavenly boasted eerily lovely spring-skiing conditions on nearly 100% of its slopes all winter long, while its tree-filled glades and steep open bowls were usually 100% scrub brush, bare rocks, and dry pine-needle-clad soil. What a weird winter. Glad it's behind us.

Tahoe's summers always fulfill the promise of cooler-than-your-city temps, sunny days, open trails, and fun by (and on!) the Lake itself.  Our summer weekends are almost all booked up, so call Josh now if you hope to enjoy a Fjeldheim vacation this summer.